Criticism of women’s magazines contains many shades of sexism.

The Sexism Underlying Criticism Of Women's Magazines

The criticism of women’s magazines contains many shades of sexism. There’s the implication that to care about beauty is vain and a waste of time.

There's so much more power in laughter than we realize.

I Have One Thing In Common With Donald Trump (And It Is NOT Funny!)

Critique devastates me. I never want to do anything wrong. When I believe I have done something wrong, I tend to avoid the situation or people involved indefinitely. Run somewhere where I can try again. Start from scratch.

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Why Do We Hate It When A Woman Changes?

There’s a saying that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But what happens when something or someone does change — especially if that person’s a woman?

The most beautiful thing you can be is happy. Image: Thinkstock.

Beauty Is Only Skin-Deep

Recently, I was looking through some old pictures of myself.... Like every other person on this earth, I have my insecurities. As I was looking at these photos, I found myself picking out my faults, finding things that I would like to change, putting myself down for looking a certain way or not looking a certain way.


Why Cinderella Is Surprisingly Feminist

The new movie gives us a strong-willed heroine with a backbone—if one not immediately apparent.


Why Sexist Eggheads Can't Take Jane Austen Seriously

Can a popular author also be celebrated for literary quality? Not if that author is a woman like Austen.


Dear H&M: Don't Tell Me To Hide My Curvy Body

The latest style trend seems to send a subliminal message to women: Don't be too proud.

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