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Credit: Thinkstock

Credit: Thinkstock

Any week that involves news about Ghostbusters and Mormons is bound to be an interesting one. Both were fair game for our writers this week—as were the topics of orgasms, abortion, and lazy marriage.

Happy reading!

The Horrible Truth About LadyGhostbusters

Our esteemed contributor Ijeoma Oluo got her hands on exclusive excerpts from the Ghostbusters all-female reboot! And it turns out, all those misogynistic men are totally right to be worried . . .

Choice quote:

"LadyRay: Sure LadyVenkman, just ask me to do everything—again. Gawd you are such a spoiled brat.

LadyWillard: Stop fighting! I can’t take it anymore, you are all my BFFs!

LadyEgon: My back hurts—Oh no! Our cycles have synced!!

All LadyGhostbusters start crying and eating chocolate."

Mormon Church Comes Out "In Favor" Of LGBT Rights, I Call Bullshit

Contributor Joni Edelman, a former Mormon, knows intimately how the church works. And she ain't buying its duplicitous party line about supporting the LGBT community.

Choice quote:

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not unlike many organized religions. At its helm are a bunch of Old White Guys, who like to say that they love and accept all people, but don't really include all people. It's sort of like saying, I’m not racist, I just don’t like Mexicans. Or, I’m not a homophobe, I just don’t want a gay man in the locker room with me."

The Virtues Of A Lazy Marriage

Regular Ravishly and Atlantic contributor Noah Berlatsky challenges the notion that marriage has to be hard work. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned laziness?

Choice quote:

"If the child (despite the chicken) was slightly disappointed, well, he obviously should have chosen some other family to be a child in. He'll know better next time."

I Owe My Life To My Mother's Abortion

In this anonymous submission, our writer asks an existential question about the pro-choice/pro-life debate: What of those sons and daughters who wouldn't be here if their moms didn't have an abortion before them?

Choice quote:

"Seven years after her fateful decision, my mom's life led her to a hospital in a small California mountain town, where our shared history began. She had, by then, graduated college, starting the career that would eventually lead her to open her own business. She had met and married my dad. She was no longer 17."

HeadSpaces: Help! I've Never Had An Orgasm

Ravishly's resident doctors—psychologists Rachel Kozlowski and Dr. Naomi Ben-Ami—are in. And this time, they get frank about the dreaded orgasm-less sex life. (Spoiler alert: There are ways to change this . . . )

Choice quote:

"It may come as a surprise, but the good doctors say that the majority of women—everywhere, all over the damn globe—are not able to reach orgasm from intercourse alone. Meaning, they need to get some toys, hands, or tongues in the mix. And about 10% of women have never achieved orgasm at all."


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