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A Pride Survival Guide For Newly Out Queers

For newly out queers, Pride Month can feel a little bit overwhelming to dive in head first.

Aaron Wiseman created the most beautiful alphabet soup Twitter party for us, and it's raging hard.

#LGBTBabes Is Our New Favorite Trending Hashtag

Let the #LGBTBabes party rage on, my fellow rainbow darlings. You're beautiful. You're supported. You're loved. And you're perfect just as you are.


9 LGBTQ Books To Read For Pride Month

If you’re looking for a Pride Month reading list, or just want to get more LGBTQ+ books on your radar this year, here are a few worth checking out.

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Why Halsey’s New Lady Loving Anthem With Lauren Jauregui Matters

From the start of the song we see that Halsey and Lauren aren’t hiding what this song is about: ex-girlfriends and the mourning of love lost.

“If even one person was affected and my story makes them feel like they can finally be free, then that’s all I can ask for.” - Kahla Grams

Lovers & Fighters In America: Celebrating Love Without Shame

“I was compelled to come out on social media because I felt it was time that I wasn’t hiding who I was. It was more so coming out to say I was in a relationship; it just happened to be with a woman this time. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me so I figured I should show her off.”

"Neighbors decided that the best way to fight anti-LGBTQ sentiment was to make a unified show of support." Image:

A Gay Couple's House Was Vandalized; Their Neighbors' Response Was Heartwarming

Massachusetts couple Lauri and Cari Ryding came home from vacation to find their porch a mess. Someone had egged their house. They were targeted because they’re gay — the vandals made their hate apparent by also stealing the Ryding’s rainbow flag.

Hillary at Pride.  Image provided by author.

Hillary Clinton Has Evolved

This weekend, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton decided to get off the stump and go for a nice walk with several thousand of her best friends. Specifically, LGBTQ friends. More specifically, she hit the streets of NYC to join in the annual Pride parade. She is the first presidential candidate to ever do this.


From Queer To Cis: My Story Of Privilege And Guilt

Is this a thing that happens? Do people come out — or come BACK out — as cis? Is there a closet with a hidden door?