Trump's Ridiculousness Round-Up For October

October is nearly over and with it the ninth month of the Trump administration let's address some of Trump's Ridiculousness. We can't make this stuff up!

Wear what you want, sit how you want, BE how you want. You deserve it.

#SelfCareSunday: Taking Space As A Form Of Resistance

Take up your space. Breathe and allow yourself to fill the spot you are sitting in rather than tensing your muscles and trying to hold your body tight.

"The whole thing is just so empowering and relatable and even joyful?!"

You Need To Watch This Adele Parody About Calling Congress

6 months ago, a Facebook video about calling Congress wouldn’t have been viral, but here we are. This is what we have to do.

"There are a millions of ways to make a small difference in these stressful times."

Feeling Helpless? Try Helping Someone Else.

I step away from worrying about the federal government and think about my community for a moment. I ask myself who needs help, what do they need, and how can I deliver it. Then I do it.


#RavsRadar: Super Bowl Ad Wins — Diversity Rules

Last night was the Super Bowl and the New England Patriots did their thing to score a come-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

Protest backlash serves a purpose. (Image Credit: Instagram/Harley-Davidson)

#RavsRadar: Harley-Davidson Cancels Trump Visit - Thank You, Protesters!

Trump was supposed to head to Milwaukee on Thursday to visit a Harley-Davidson plant and sign yet another executive order. Until, that is, Harley-Davidson allegedly backed out. According to an unnamed White House official, Harley-Davidson didn't want to face the protests that were sure to accompany any appearance by the historically unpopular new president.

Change demands more than just protests.

How To Start A Revolution: Think Small

If I’m just online screaming, what am I not doing in physical reality?