That’s right, Toys 'R' Us is closing up shop. The toy megastore is no longer. Geoffrey is out of a job.

Toys 'R' Us Is Going Down — Could Target Be Next?

Every kid’s favorite place to be a kid for the last generation or two is shutting its doors for good. That’s right, Toys 'R' Us is closing up shop.

In what world would a superhero's priorities be in this order?

Are You A Housework Superhero? Target Fails Again

You may be assuming that we’re going to be seeing pink, and if so, then you are partially correct. But they took that gender stereotyping and walked it right off a cliff. Instead of the logo and belt, the “bat girl” shirt has a four item to-do list.


American Family Association "Infiltrates" Target Restrooms

If the point they’re trying to make is that creepers are gonna creep, well, I hope they get a look in the mirror while they’re in there.

Gender-neutral toys at Target.

How To Navigate The Horrifying Dystopia That Is Target's New Genderless Toy Section

Target’s lack of gender signage is obviously a sinful, confusing disaster. You should definitely never shop there again. But just in case you ever need to buy a gift for your kid and Wal-Mart is closed, here are some tips for how to navigate the Godless dystopia that is the new unlabeled toy section of Target:

Tinsel Pig. Make your holiday dreams come true.

10 Ways Target Is Robbing You Like A European Pickpocket: Holiday Edition

6. Light-up crap: Illuminated pig? Obviously. For a mere $45 you can deck your lawn with this Tinsel Pig and a number of other forest/farm animals/snowmen/pretty much anything you can think of. First you shell out your hard earned dollars, then you try to find a place to store your pig/fox/snowman/Santa when it’s not December. Best wishes.

#Winning at Target

7 Easy Steps To Surviving Target This Holiday Season

For all of you crazy people that think going to Target is ever a good idea during the holiday season, this is a list on how to survive a shopping trip to Target is for you…


Target To Open Its First Store WITH A BAR

A Target spokesperson has confirmed that a Chicago neighborhood will soon be the lucky recipient of a brand spanking new Target –– complete with a BAR. That has ALCOHOL.


Target Updates Breastfeeding Policy, And It's Actually Good

Oh Target. Do we love you, or hate you?