Hillary Clinton Owns Instagram

Hold on: Have you seen Hillary Clinton's Instagram account yet? 

Hillary, who, if you've been living under a rock, is the Democratic frontrunner for the 2015 Presidential Election, is cracking jokes at her expense on her campaign trail and new Instagram account. 

“All our Presidents come into office looking so vigorous. And then we watch their hair grow grayer and grayer,” the 67-year-old nominee said during her campaign speech at Roosevelt Island. “Well, I may not be the youngest candidate in this race. But I will be the youngest woman president in the history of the United States! And the first grandmother as well. And one additional advantage: You won’t see my hair turn white in the White House. I’ve been coloring it for years!”

Hillary’s look — a blond bob and pantsuits — is hard to miss in a sea of politicians. While it’s her aesthetic, she’s honing it as her campaign symbol as well. 

Queen of the Pantsuit

Hillary recently created her first Instagram with her post hilariously sarcastic as well as patriotic. With her inaugural post, Hillary posted a picture of several suits on a rack draped in the American colors with the caption, “Hard choices.” Since creating her Instagram on June 10, she’s amassed over 140K followers (and, like a boss, she’s following only one person). 

As the potentially first female president, Hillary is branding herself quite nicely as she created a campaign dream team with Lorella Praeli as her Latino outreach director and the openly gay Robert Mook as her campaign manager. She’s even released  “The Official Hillary 2016 Playlist” on Spotify with 14 empowering tracks like Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud,” Ariana Grande’s “Break Free,” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

Roar loud and proud, Hillary. 

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