Watch: "Funny or Die" Mocks Snobby Wine Country

Napa, California, just so happens to be my hometown, and I'm more than happy to smash any rumors that it's a breathtakingly gorgeous town complemented by a charming array of fine eateries. And nothing captures the distaste you should be feeling when biking past the lush vineyards off the Silverado Trail better that this flashback Friday "Funny or Die" video (you can #FBF something from last fall, right Twitter gods?).

Part of the series "I Hate California," it illustrates the true horror that is Wine Country. For one thing, wine does not, in fact, have "legs"—contrary to what every snotty, glass-swirling sommelier will tell you. Furthermore, drinking Prosecco while in a bubble bath is just-plain dumb.

Though this video is a total parody, it captures the spirit of Napa tourists. Ever heard the term "weekend millionaires," used to describe a certain breed of exasperating Vegas-goers? Napa has something similar: weekend snobs. And frankly, we're not keen to endure more of their terrible driving, false wine knowledge and condescending attitudes.

Watch below to bask in the glory of a slightly exaggerated version of the cynical socialites who regularly bombard this ordinarily peaceful place. And for the last time, please stop talking about how your wine has "legs."

Image: See that? Such a snob. Courtesy of, ThinkStock

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