8 Things You Should Know Before You Jump On The Backyard Chicken Bandwagon

And what’s better than eggs? Eggs direct from the cloaca of your own chicken. Read...
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Photo: Instagram/ vanityfair

Why Emma Watson’s Breasts Have Nothing To Do With Feminism

Guess what? Feminists can fight for women's equality and look sexy doing it Read...
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Film still courtesy of HBO.

Abortion: Stories Women Tell

Abortion: Stories Women Tell, directed by Tracy Droz Tragos, looks at one of America’s most contentious debates through the prism of personal stories. Read...
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What happens when organic food prices out those who are struggling just to stay out of bankruptcy?

The Struggle With Fast Fashion (And Other Problems Of Privilege)

This is the thing about being poor, this kind of discernment comes at a price you can’t afford. Read...
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"I’m definitely what I generally refer to as a reformed messy person."

Unf*ck Your Habitat’s Rachel Hoffman Is Not As Mean As She Used To Be

It’s Rachel Hoffman’s “Unf*ck Your Habitat” approach that speaks to me most, and not just because she likes swearing as much as I do. Read...
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t is unrealistic to expect friends always to agree — and wouldn’t that be boring?

Can Female Friendships Survive Trump?

When I took on this assignment to write about the traumatizing byproduct our polarized political landscape has had on personal relationships — with Read...
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(Photo by Suma Jane Dark. Front row, L-R: Jessica Rihal, Manon Marchetti Edwards, Hayley Herms, and Megan Kimberling. Rear: Jules Wood, Laurel Dickman, and Astra Varnado.)

Unsculpted: A Photo Series From Photographer Suma Jane Dark 

Today, we interview photographer Suma Jane Dark, known best for their body-positive work shown through a feminist lens. Read...
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No, really: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' is that good. (Image Credit: Instagram/cw_crazyexgf)

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Is The Most Underrated Show Of Our Generation

I cherish TV in a way most people reserve for God or family or country. I love nothing more than to watch plots unfold, to track character Read...
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