Reading. Ugh. Amirite?

6 Reasons You Should Never Read Books

Just don’t do it. In fact, reading this is in direct opposition to the titular admonition above. But I can tell you’re one of those rebel types. The Read...
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Anastasia: OG ‘90s Feminist

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These steals will ensure your eyes look great without breaking the bank.

Total Steals: Drugstore Eye Products

I love spending money like a total asshole as much as the next woman. But sometimes, a cheap thrill is the most thrilling thrill of all. Finding Read...
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Phone overuse is real; get it under control in 2017.

New Year, Less Tech: How To Break Your Phone Addiction

It's a new year! But it's the same old story with you and your lover, er, I mean, your phone. Are you addicted? Resolving to break up once and for Read...
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Make your friends wow out. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

Absurd Tablescapes For Your New Year’s Eve Celebration

Hosting a dinner party on New Year’s Eve has never been easier or more accurate than with the following inspirational tablescape concepts. Give your Read...
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50 Resolutions.

50 Body Acceptance New Year Resolutions (That Don't Involve Dieting!)

And it’s that last one that really irks me: that most people — and especially most women’s — new year’s resolutions center on dieting and weight loss Read...
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Did you shower today? You've already started on one.

Here Are Some Realistic New Year's Resolutions

I wanted to write a book last summer. Then I realized what a terrible goal that was and modified accordingly. Read...
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#RavsRecipes: Snickerdoodle Cloud Cookies

No real measuring, no special ingredients, and it makes cookies that even the snobbiest cookie connoisseur will crave? It might seem too good to be Read...
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