No, My Child Will Not Be Going To The Zoo

No, I’m not a heartless evil mother who never wants her child to have any fun. But he will not be going. Not for a school field trip. Not with Read...
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The Dos And Don'ts Of Colonscopy Prep

...[I]f you think it’s a good idea to take a selfie with your gallon jug of Golytely and post it on social media with a “guess what I’m doing” Read...
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What You Can Do Right Now About Police Brutality

Instead of telling your black friends that you hope things will get better, show them how you are working to make things better. Read...
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EOY roundup of beauty "realizations." (Image Credit: Kylie Jenner via YouTube)

Beauty Stuff I Realized, In The Year Of Realizing Things

Remember at the start of the year, when we all watched a teenager with a mouth full of Juvaderm bizarrely reclining in front of a fire that looks Read...
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Will and Marcus, Courtesy of Facebook

Why About A Boy Is The Best Unconventional Christmas Movie

In a sea of overly sentimental drivel, this film feels refreshingly genuine. Read...
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Holidays without your mother are hard.

Surviving The Holidays When You’re Estranged From Your Mother

It’s been three years since I divorced my mother. The reasons are long and complicated, yet also short and simple. My mother is not capable of Read...
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We're not trying to take Christmas away, OK?

3 Things Non-Christians Wish Christians Would Remember During The Holidays

What about the almost 30% of Americans who aren’t Christian? Speaking as a Jew, it can be an awkward time, especially with school concerts, holiday Read...
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I'm sorry for what I said when Mercury was in retrograde.

Mercury Is Here To Screw Things Up With Its Retrograde Bullcrap, AGAIN

Pretty much any and everything disastrous that happens to you between now and January 8, 2017 can and should be directly attributed to Mercury and Read...
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