When You Have To Lose Weight for a Baby, Not a Jean Size

I’ve wanted to be a mother my entire life, but always worried about my heart condition and whether I would be able to conceive. Finally, my chance Read...
Rebecca Shamblin    |   06.18.15   |   SHARE

We're Having A Girl

Unlike the many women who dance towards the pink sugarplum visions having a girl conjures, I wanted desperately to escape. Read...
Mai Pham    |   06.17.15   |   SHARE

How I Learned To Thrive Without A Father

I disowned my father when I was 17. He was a perfect storm of a human being, drowning women in physical abuse, rape, judgment, and his excuses. I Read...
Liz Lazzara    |   06.17.15   |   SHARE
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Mom-Inspired Cocktails: 17 Drinks For The Modern (Exhausted, Overworked) Mother

Mom-osa: This is like a mimosa, only leave out the OJ. Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   06.17.15   |   SHARE

Dear Jeb Bush, Shaming Single Parents Is Not A Family Value

Being a single parent has never been the "problem" in my life. Read...
Jody Allard    |   06.16.15   |   SHARE

How To Convince Yourself to NEVER Want Kids

Motherhood is easily the toughest, most sacred job on earth. Without moms, the human race simply wouldn’t be here. But personally, I’d rather dangle Read...
Kate Ryan    |   06.16.15   |   SHARE

Kick Higher, Yell Louder: Teaching My Girl To Own Her Voice

My heart dropped a bit, and I struggled with what to say. Tae Kwon Do class had always been a safe space for her; a place where her confidence Read...
Lara N. Dotson-Renta, PhD    |   06.15.15   |   SHARE

Ask Momma Bare: Talking to Teens About Porn

Dear Momma Bare,  I found my 14-year-old son looking at porn on his phone. It was embarrassing for everyone. I Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   06.15.15   |   SHARE