We need to talk about how the APA is Fat-Shaming Kids!

APA To Release Guidelines For Fat-Shaming Kids For Profit

What happens when you suggest diet behavior to a kid who’s about to grow a foot? How do you affect their growth? How to you affect their health? This Read...
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image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

What Is A Ketogenic Diet? And Should You Try It?

By changing the way our bodies process energy, we can often change the way our bodies function. If we can stop the pancreas from freaking out, we can Read...
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Beyond Before & After
This is a stomach-balloon zone.

Want To Lose Weight? Swallow A Balloon!

You know why it’s the FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA-approved balloon system for weight loss? Because that is INSANE. Read...
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Attention Fatties: Stephen Hawking Has A Weight Loss Solution Just For You!

Here’s something that isn’t rocket science either, Stephen Hawking: Diets don’t work. Read...
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Why Do I Spend So Much Time Thinking About Food?

Deciding that I needed — wanted, even — to put myself, my emotional, mental, physical, health first, didn’t mean not loving my body. But it did mean Read...
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Aunt Ginger: Diets Are Bulls*it

Aunt Ginger: Diets Are Bulls*it

This week Aunt Ginger reminds us, time spent dieting is time wasted. Read...
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Matt Joseph Diaz

#MondayMotivation With Matt Joseph Diaz: Matt Gets Naked

We met Matt a year ago when he showed us his post weight-loss body. Today we see (and hear) Matt as he talks about his surgery and what it feels Read...
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For me, losing weight was about learning what I needed to do and gradually forming a positive relationship with my body. Image: Matt Joseph Diaz

I Lost 270 Pounds. Here Are 3 Reasons I Don't Share My Weight-Loss “Secrets.”

Being asked about my weight-loss “secrets” make me uncomfortable. It feels very different from people wanting to know about my story. It feels like Read...
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