Matt Joseph Diaz

Matt Joseph Diaz


Matt Joseph Diaz is a public speaker and social media activist tackling the issues of body image and self love. Matt has been working in social media since the age of 15, and has a long history of creating online content for entertainment and educational purposes. Matts videos have accrued over 120 million views in countries all over the world as well as being featured in People, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Upworthy and numerous other news websites. He now spend a lot of his time traveling and speaking on self love at conferences, colleges and public events. Matt Joseph Diaz currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.   

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#MondayMotivation With Matt Joseph Diaz: Dealing With A Diagnosis

This week, we're spotlighting mental health in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Tune in to today's #MondayMotivation as Matt discusses his own diagnosis, and how to be kind to yourself even when a new diagnosis feels scary and hard.


Mondays With Matt: What Is Unschooling?

Matt breaks down the major differences between unschooling and a traditional classroom setting.

Matt Joseph Diaz. Image: Wilfredo Ruiz/

Where Are All The Body Positive Men?

Vulnerability is a sign of strength, not weakness, and those who see being open and sincere as symbols of fragility have a skewed idea of vulnerability. It takes NO strength to close yourself off from the world — to refuse to be who you are because you’re afraid of the reaction of those around you. Feeling deeply and openly, even in the face of resistance, is what takes true strength.

Mike was family and the oldest friend I’ve ever had. Image: Matt Joseph Diaz.

Dealing With My Cousin's Death Made Me A Better Person

These days, I’m gentler with people than I’ve ever been. I’ve learned of the beauty and strength in each and every person regardless of where they come from or what they’ve been through — and with every interaction, I understand more why Mike saw the best in people.


#MondayMotivation With Matt Joseph Diaz: Let's Get Weird

Welcome to Monday Motivation with Matt Joseph Diaz! Every Monday (obviously), I'll be serving up some motivation to get you through the week.

Awaiting death's sweet embrace. Image: Thinkstock.

5 Ways To Deal With Cabin Fever

I’m recovering from some pretty major surgery that has made it really uncomfortable to move around. In addition, because of the painkillers and antibiotics, obviously, I’m not allowed to drink or basically do anything I enjoy anymore.

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We Need To Stop Telling People To Be Grateful Things Aren't Worse

I promise you, people living with depression are acutely aware that things probably aren’t as bad as they could be.


Mondays With Matt: On Coming Out And Expressing Your Sexuality

This week, Matt kicks off our Conversation series on coming out with his own story.

Thank you for this incredible year. Image: from Elizabeth Brooks Barnwell's "still:life."

One Year After Going Viral: How Stripping Down And Opening Up Changed My Life

I know that the world can seem like a scary and terrible place, where it feels like the threat of judgment and exclusion is constantly looming. That’s because it is; but there’s so much more love and kindness on this planet than evil and suffering. There is generosity and spirit in every human being that runs so deep, you’ll find it hard not to fall a little bit in love with each and every one of them.

I heard the unmistakable sound of the front door unlocking.

Lessons The Worst Hookup Of My Life Taught Me About Relationships

Do you remember that incredibly awkward feeling you’d get during childhood when you went over to a friend’s house for dinner and their parents started arguing? This was like that — only your dick is out and you got caught having sex with one of the parents.