Coke, Nutella, Mentos and a Condom—Recipe for Breaking a World Record?

First of all, this video is proof that a condom is plenty big enough for your man's johnson. Or, your girlfriend's dildo. Geez, even a household pet could fit in this thing!

You're probably familiar with the ol' infamous Coke and Mentos explosion. My own high school chemistry teacher took us outside on a chemis-terrific day (because, at a school with a grape crusher as its mascot anything is game) to showcase the sugary fountain of magnificence.

Until about 10 minutes ago, I didn't think the splendor could be topped. I was wrong. Italian gentleman, known on YouTube as Milleaccendini, upped the ante on this classic prank—I mean, science experiment—by adding every lady's wet dream: Nutella and a condom.

He says that he's trying to beat a world record for a rocket propeller, I believe, but there's little information on the specifics. Who cares?! It's so side-splittingly funny that it's worth a few (hundred) watches.

See for yourself, and remember: condoms are ridiculously durable.


Image: Before the chaos. Courtesy of, Milleaccendini's YouTube channel

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