Watch: “The Cosmos” Guide to Weather vs. Climate

Tonight marks the last episode of Neil Degrasse Tyson reboot of the “Cosmos” series. From the origin of life to radioactive decay, the series has taken us on a journey through the astonishing functions of science. In homage to the series, we’ve included one of the show’s many elucidating clips. Ever wonder what, exactly, is the difference between weather and climate? And how can scientists claim to know so much about climate change, but downright stink at predicting if it’s going to rain this afternoon? Watch on, faithful viewer.

At first it just seems like producers have a shortage of stock film, so just the camera just focuses on the hyper-active movements of Tyson’s dog to keep us ADD-viewers of the modern age engaged. But repent, audience doubters, for there is a larger reason for all things in the “Cosmos”! Weather, climate and the relevance of dog’s movements are all explained in due time.

For the full take down of climate-change denial, watch the episode here.


Image: Thinkstock


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