Go Ahead And Shave Your Snatch—The Hair Won't Grow Back Any Thicker

Image: Wolfgirl won't come out until the next full moon. Courtesy of Thinkstock

Image: Wolfgirl won't come out until the next full moon. Courtesy of Thinkstock

Did our latest article on waxing leave you feeling, well, vulnerable and idiotic? Not to fear—that makes two of us! As much as I dig estheticians' almost preternatural vaginal understanding (they can tell when we've just had sex?!), it might be the time to get familiar with the razor again. 

Fortunately, science has proven that shaving does not make your hairs grow back thicker and stronger. I know, I know: every female on earth and under the sea with vocal capabilities (sorry Ariel) told you during your adolescence to be wary of shaving as you were guaranteed to become a tweeny girl wolf. And you listened. You and your legs, marred with the shallow wounds of pubescent shaving struggles, took note. Now you can throw that all out that fear and fretting right out the window. Or down the drain as it were.

Scientific American recently admitted that—while the hairs may appear thicker when they're short—there's just no truth to this age old myth. According to their research, studies conducted all the back in the 1920's and 70's concluded that shaving did not affect hair width whatsoever. So, this means that the truth has long been out there. We just continued to feed each other lies. 

What we're wondering is why such an urban legend was spread. Based on our nation's Puritanical origins, it's safe to assume that prevailing anti-masturbation myths have served a distinct purpose. Why sully the practice of shaving though? 

If we step out of ladyland for a moment, we'll remember that there are individuals who encourage the growth of body hair. You know, men. There is a present social pressure to grow facial hair in fact; it's long been a sign of virility. There's even advice on nutrients to consume for those aching to grow a fuller, thicker, fuzzy face warmer. It's not unlike certain (nameless . . .) women we know who swallow pre-natal vitamins for hair and nail health, despite not being pregnant. For being almost hairless, we sure are wrapped up in quaffing and controlling our fur.

However the myth spread and why we were all so keen to believe it remains a bit of mystery. We can't save you from years of worrying about your pending mustache, but here's hoping you'll never lose one more blink of beauty sleep about shaving.

So get cracking on that bush!


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