5 Ways To Help Keep Kids Calm Over The Holidays

kids + holidays = not always a great combo.

kids + holidays = not always a great combo.

 ...encourage a family dance-off in the living room.

The holidays are officially here! Time to get ready for two months of pure craziness, no matter which holidays you celebrate. It’s almost as if the beginning of November rolls around and the kiddos can sense a shift in the universe that tells them to get a little bit more excited and live every second in complete anticipation of the moments they covet most about the season. Then, as parents we are finding ourselves constantly saying, “Calm down.”

Yes, more than anything else, if you are a parent — “calm” becomes the word of the moment in your vocabulary. We get it: The kids are excited beyond words, and that’s OK. But, there must be a balance that exists somewhere. Am I right? Yes! Because there is no joy in the season when mom is locking herself in the bathroom to pull her hair out — don’t let that be you! 

How to keep them calm when they are just so darn enthusiastic? The real answer is that there isn’t any one way, so let’s discuss a few:

1. Limit The Sugar.

I know  easier said than done, right? Since so many of the things that kids remember most about the holiday revolve around candy and sweets, it’s important for them to understand why they need to eat it in moderation and try to work in some other options in between. Now, I’m not saying to take it all away, because what fun is in that? But try your hardest to have as much control over their access to it (i.e., no candy canes on the tree or decorative candy dishes within grasp) as possible, it will make a huge difference!

2. Get Active!

One way to ensure that the kids will sleep well at night is to keep them active during the day. Take advantage of snow (whenever it gets here), and get out there and sled all day with them. If there is a bad weather day that you encounter, encourage a family dance-off in the living room. Whatever you need to do to keep them having fun, but also burning off a little energy, is great! 

3. It’s All About Those Traditions!

Kids tend to get over-excited whenever they don’t know what to expect — the anticipation just eats away at them and then they start bouncing all over the place! Especially during the actual holidays, when they know they will be receiving gifts, seeing relatives and friends they can’t wait to see, etc., make sure to establish some traditions so that the kids are able to have a little mental itinerary of the night. Not only will this keep them from asking you every two seconds about when presents will be opened, but it will help relax them. 

4. Keep Your Lips Sealed!

As parents, we get excited about the holiday season, too — and often plan special activities or events to surprise the ones we love most. This is awesome and creates unparalleled memories, but unless you want a bunch of kiddos running laps around your living room in anticipation, make sure not to spill the beans and tell them ahead of time. Let them get crazy excited with the surprise. 

5. Plan Ahead. 

Whether your planning needs to include laying out outfits for everyone, eating a meal as a family before a holiday party, or making sure everything you need to take with you is in a big bag located near your front door — planning is key and keeps the whole family calm.

How do you keep your kiddos calm during the holiday season?

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