5 Style Lessons You Can Learn From Your Toddler

Tutu for the win.

Tutu for the win.

5. Sometimes, you just gotta be fancy!

Toddlers are fun, huh? Especially when they get sassy and start to form opinions — very strong opinions — about getting dressed every day.

It’s funny because, boy or girl, getting dressed in the morning always seems to be that “thing” they really want to have control over, and sometimes it’s our job as parents to just stand back and see what happens. Even if they pick rain boots and a tutu.

And then there are those times that we need to turn around our finger and start pointing it at ourselves. What if we cared more about the way we dress and cared just as much as they do? Sometimes, there are style lessons that we should be learning from our toddlers. 

1. Be Enthusiastic About Getting Dressed. 

Whenever toddlers are faced with the task of getting dressed, they jump at the chance of going through their drawers (most of the time tearing them apart) to find the perfect outfit. I’m not saying to do the same, but approach getting dressed with some vigor instead of feeling overwhelmed or annoyed by it, and you might just start loving your body and style even more.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Patterns And Play With Bold Colors. 

Toddlers are notorious for mixing things up! While their version of mixing and matching can be a little bit loud, take your version down a notch and take a few more risks.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Spontaneous.

Sometimes, you just need to step outside the box and wear or buy something that is a little bit outside your comfort zone. I recently bought a pair of pointy-toed flats that are an artistic black and white plaid pattern — a little different for me, but I went for it. These shoes have become my true obsession this fall, and I wear them with everything to add a little bit of fun to my look!

4. If You Really Love It, Re-Wear It.

Finding yourself doing extra loads of laundry because your toddler’s favorite T-shirt is dirty and you know there will be the mother of all meltdowns tomorrow if it’s not clean? Yes! Toddlers know what they like and demand more of it. If you find something that works for you, learn how to integrate it into different outfits or buy it in multiples. 

5. Sometimes, You Just Gotta Be Fancy.

Dressing up is fun, and it can truly make you feel wonderful about yourself. It’s so easy to get stuck in a yoga-pants-only phase that you forget what it feels like to put on a pencil skirt and your favorite booties. Commit to dressing up and just being fancy one day a week, and you just might be surprised how good it feels. 

Have you ever taken style advice from your toddler?

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