5 Ways To Stay Present This Holiday Season

Holidays with family.

Holidays with family.

2. Keep electronics out of the bedroom. 

Be present. Be purposeful. Make memories count.

We hear these mantras all the time, right? So then why is it so hard to just put down our phones and actually live in the moment? I guess it’s that dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out), except we are worried about missing out on something that we can post on Facebook or interact with on Twitter — instead of the precious moments with those around us. 

I promise that 10 years from now, you won’t look back and find yourself saying “remember that amazing picture you posted of the Christmas cookies on Instagram? The one where the lighting was perfect and you had all the right red and green props in the background?” That won’t happen, ever. So here are some ways to shift your mindset and spend the holidays with the ones you love most, instead of just taking pictures of them:

1. Store your phone out of arm's reach. 

This sounds like a no-brainer, but we always have our phones so close to us, making the temptation to start scrolling through them even more powerful. I understand that most of us are using our phone’s camera to snap the perfect holiday pictures, so see below for my rebuttal to that and just simply store it in another room or your purse. It will be close enough for you to grab it when needed. 

2. Keep electronics out of the bedroom. 

The holidays are a magical time for you to reconnect with your partner, too, and there is nothing that will remove the spark from your holiday than gluing your eyes to the phone when you are in bed. 

3. Make a pact. 

Whether you rope in your sister or your partner, have a plan with someone close who you will be spending the holidays with to commit to being present with you. Make it your mission to keep each other accountable for this obligation and don’t let each other flake out. 

4. Take turns playing photographer.

As moms, we become photographer by default because we want to capture all of these important moments. But, whenever you are behind the camera, this means that you aren’t in front of it experiencing the holidays with your kids. Tell your spouse, mom, dad or whomever to take the camera off your hands and capture some of these memories. A major plus? You will get to see yourself through your loved one’s eyes. 

5. Force yourself into conversations. 

We have a habit of turning to our phones whenever the conversation gets dull or fades out, and this is not OK. Whether you see your family every day or have traveled far to spend the holiday with them, make it your first priority to spend actual quality time with them. Ask them open-ended questions about their life, their hobbies, or a major life change they are going through. Anything to strike up a conversation: Keep it flowing, and keep your phone off!

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