20 Signs Mom Needs A Break This Holiday

Five minutes. PLEASE.

Five minutes. PLEASE.

Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling that us moms go through on a typical day, but add the word “holiday” in front of our daily rituals and we are completely wiped out and begging for our pillow. 

  1. You are wrapping all the presents (and doing the gift shopping, for that matter). 
  2. You forgot to shower today.
  3. You keep wondering where all the glitter is coming from and then realize its embedded in your skin. 
  4. If you try to re-create one more Pinterest craft, you will down everything in your wine fridge.
  5. You just fed your family candy canes for dinner. 
  6. The Elf on a Shelf hasn’t moved in a week and you have run out of reasons to explain why.
  7. You have no recollection if you bought your partner anything for the holidays — yet. 
  8. You left your kid at the holiday school sing-along because you thought he was in the car with you. 
  9. You have replaced your morning breakfast smoothie with eggnog. 
  10. 15 minutes alone in the grocery store has become your equivalent to a therapy session. 
  11. Your workout lately has been your marathon around Target on a daily basis.
  12. You have spent too many mornings digging pine needs out of your feet.
  13. You started buying concealer by the gallon.
  14. The magazine that you have been dying to read has been serving its job as a coaster this month. 
  15. You feel like all your dirty dishes consist of wine glasses.
  16. You are considering wearing Depends because running to the bathroom is taking time away from your daily to-do lists.
  17. You can’t remember the last time you had sex, so you added it to your to-do list.
  18. You are counting down the minutes until naptime. 
  19. The night you actually prepared dinner for your family, they all applauded — because it wasn’t burnt. 
  20. You have 10 alarms set on your phone in the morning, because you know you will sleep through the first nine. 

Can you relate? Maybe it’s time for a vacation!

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