What is the biggest challenge you've ever overcome?

Moving here from a small town up north in Marin, and just trying to experience life in the city.

What was the biggest adjustment?

There are a lot of crazy people here! [laughs] I live right over there, so basically right outside the Tenderloin. Don't want to walk around alone at night!

What's been making it easier?

Well, I was really shy before I moved out here –– I wouldn't talk to strangers, I wouldn't do anything. And I guess just coming out where you don't know anyone, you kind of have to put yourself out there. So I guess, just going to school, meeting people and saying, "Come on, let's go do things!"

What's your favorite pick me up song?

I guess anything by Chet Fleck –– he's sort of indie rock.

What's your fondest memory?

Every Christmas season, we'd come here and go see The Nutcracker –– with my whole family, who I wouldn't really see that often, so it would be like a big deal and we'd get all fancy and go to breakfast before.

Tell me about your style!

I don't know! I go on Tumblr a lot –– I like pictures and I try to copy them. I also just graduated from cosmetology school, so I mess around with my hair a lot. Purple's my favorite color. 

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