The second pregnancy with PCOS - lightning struck again. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Camila Cordeira)

Pregnant With PCOS

When I turned 21, my body crashed. I chalked it up to the regular 21-year-old things that are normally to blame on "being fat:" exhaustion, digestion Read...
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I am going to teach my daughter that she will always be loved and chosen.

Why I Celebrate Valentine’s Day With My Kid, But Not My Husband

*/ /*-->*/ Valentine’s Day has always been fraught for me. In middle school, I desperately hoped for an admirer’s carnation to be delivered in Read...
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There is no one who would go to the same lengths to make me smile.

My Mom Will Always Be My Valentine

A breakup, Mom, a cheerleading competition, and Valentine's Day... Read...
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Nothing could have prepared me for either of my births.

My Birth Stories: The Blooper Reel

What I was not prepared for was this. When it was time to give birth to the placenta, gross thing really, it just kind of flops out and they drop it Read...
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Will My Anxious Child Ever Have Friends?

The idea of trying to be friends with someone “different” might be more than a 5-year-old is meant to handle. Read...
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image credit: Joni Edelman

I Don't Want My Daughter To Be A "Bad Eater"

I wonder because I think I'm making the same mistakes with my daughter. She hardly eats. She's very picky. I feel like food is a constant struggle Read...
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Teaching your children the value of all cultures instead of just your culture will help them to include those who have different backgrounds.

5 Ways To Raise Inclusive Kids

One way to combat negative outcomes post-election is to raise more inclusive children. Read...
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Sometimes a drink helps me become a mom who is a little more playful, a little less stressed.

Can Alcohol Make You A Better Mom? 

I am the best mom ever after I’ve had a drink. Notice I said… A DRINK. Well, maybe a drink or two, depending on the poison. Not a plastered mom — Read...
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