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"You’re a worthy challenge and you know that. You set the stakes high, bolt the gate, and wait for the person who is up to the task."

Why Being Guarded In A Relationship Is Actually A Good Thing

There is no shame in being guarded. There is nothing wrong with it. You do not have to work tirelessly in therapy to break down your natural Read...
Gigi Engle    |   06.6.17   |   SHARE
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"Connection is healing the world. Because happy, connected people have no reason to act out and be nasty to others."

I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours: Vulnerability

When we have an open heart, we experience true joy, love, and intimate connection. So being afraid of vulnerability is really being afraid of Read...
Sasha Tozzi    |   06.5.17   |   SHARE
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"Being gay isn’t a choice. The only choice I made was to follow my heart and pick love."

Becoming A Lesbian After 34 Years As A Heterosexual Woman

Our "how we met" story is a classic one. We met at work. On my second day, I accidentally sat in her chair at the weekly staff meeting and we Read...
Amy Spencer    |   06.2.17   |   SHARE
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Designated areas? Check. Remembering to get outside? Check. Compromises galore for anyone moving in together? Most definitely.

Dos And Don'ts Of Moving In With Your Significant Other

For any couples thinking about moving in together, I thought I’d share my Dos and Don’ts, and how my husband and I are making my small and Read...
Melissa Petro    |   05.31.17   |   SHARE
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Perhaps the process of seeking casual sex isn’t all that different from seeking long term partners?

From Monogamy To Open Marriage: How To Find (Good!) Casual Sex Online

If you think finding casual sex is easy, you’re not exactly right. Finding a human with a pulse who is willing to partake in casual sex is easy. Read...
Eva Giunto    |   05.31.17   |   SHARE
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It had everything to do with me. Something always felt... wrong.

6 Signs You Have Trouble Committing To Relationships

I have been in so many relationships that sucked. It had everything to do with me. Read...
Gigi Engle    |   05.30.17   |   SHARE
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Are we just keeping an old flame in the platonic slot to act as a security blanket to come back to?

Can You Ever Be Friends With An Ex?

Once you’ve had an intimate relationship with someone, can you rewind and start again? Read...
Peta Serras of SHESAID    |   05.26.17   |   SHARE
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Had I known there were men like him all along, would I have made the choices I had?

When Dysfunction Met Perfection (A Love Story)

I grew up in a home with some undesirable happenings. (I assume everyone does, but my husband has made me question my assumption.) Read...
Kelly Green    |   05.26.17   |   SHARE
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