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Texts that once made me giddy would slowly come to paralyze me with fear.

Dating While (Semi) Damaged: On Ghosting 

Dating While (Semi) Damaged is a column about returning to the dating world after an abusive relationship, offering insight and occasional advice. Read...
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I love that he wants every detail of what I’ve done with others in his absence.

From Monogamy To Open Marriage: Confessions Of A Hotwife 

From Monogamy To Open Marriage is a weekly column devoted to the discussion of pursuing sex and love outside marriage. Read...
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The perks of growing up include knowing what constitutes stupidity over boys.

10 Things That I've Done For Boys (That I'll NEVER Do Again)

Sometimes, I think back to all the ridiculous things I did for boys when I was younger and cringe. Societal expectations, insecurities, pressure from Read...
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It’s not easy being a warrior; it takes practice to master a heart that hurts.

How To Be A Remarkable Warrior Of The Heart Even When It Hurts

Heartache can make you stronger and mess with your head. Read...
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Choosing not to have kids is a choice, just like everything else in life.

The Art Of Navigating A Relationship When You're A Woman Who Doesn't Want Kids

Being a woman who does not want to become a mother is still a bit of a cultural anomaly in 2017. Read...
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Mainstream pornography preaches messages about sex that are usually negative and dehumanizing to women.

Pornhub Launched A 'Sexual Health & Wellness Center,' But The Site Is The Wrong Messenger

To explain the problems mainstream porn represents for feminists (or more accurately, anyone not at the top of the porn industry food chain) could Read...
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It's okay to have unreciprocated feelings - you're still a rockstar. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Allef Vinicius)

Why You’re Not Stupid For Liking Someone Who Doesn’t Like You Back; You’re Brave

Anytime I ever crushed on a guy who didn’t reciprocate feelings for me I would think to myself, “Damn, I’m so stupid, something must be wrong with me Read...
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The real problem was that it began to feel less like we worked from home, and more like we lived in the office.

Working From Home Was Bad For My Relationship 

The real problem was that it began to feel less like we worked from home, and more like we lived in the office. Read...
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