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No matter how careful we are when we have sex with others, I always obsess on the “what ifs” while we wait for test results.

From Monogamy To Open Marriage: Getting Tested For STDs When You're Married

From Monogamy To Open Marriage is a weekly column devoted to the discussion of pursuing sex and love outside marriage. Read...
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Sex + Love
I’m not looking to be a sexy mistress, an evil home-wrecker, or in-the-meantime entertainment.

Two Things To Remember If Your Date Turns Out To Be Married

I don’t even like sharing a bowl of popcorn; why would I want to share a person? Read...
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On Figuring Out My Own Poly Style

The most important facet of any relationship is that everyone be treated with kindness and respect. Hierarchical terms do not accomplish that. Read...
Sex + Love
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From Monogamy To Open Marriage: Maybe You Should Have Sex With Strangers

If you like sex and you wouldn’t risk hurting or betraying a partner, I highly recommend adding sex with a stranger to your “try anything once” list. Read...
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In Support Of Ghosting

Is ghosting different in the world of online dating? I believe so. Read...
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Me telling a boy “no” should be the end of the discussion.

No, I’m Not A Tease; I’m Still Coping With My Rape

I have to remind myself of this at least once a week. I have it written in three of my notebooks, actually. I am not a tease. I am still coping with Read...
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The truth is, knowing “why” won’t keep it from happening again and it won’t lessen your pain.

Knowing Why He Cheated Doesn’t Keep Him From Cheating Again

Cheating: Does knowing why a cheater cheats change anything? Read...
Cathy Meyer of DivorcedMoms    |   07.24.17   |   SHARE
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That gut feeling I had of “this is wrong” — that respectful people don’t just go around taking — was correct.

Everyone Needs Consent, Including Your Significant Other

Love is respect. Everyone needs consent, and that doesn’t exclude your significant other. I’ll say it plainly: partners need consent too. Read...
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