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Self-care is vital to establishing a sense of oneself, and creating boundaries from there. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Pavel Badrtvinov)

5 Ways To Stop Being So Codependent

In simplest terms, codependency is a relationship pattern of losing ourselves in another person and has been called the “disease of the lost self.” Read...
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Image: Flickr (ken)

From Monogamy To Open Marriage: Our First Time At A Swinger Club (Part 2)

From Monogamy To Open Marriage is a weekly column devoted to the discussion of pursuing sex and love outside marriage. Read...
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DIY sex toys are NOT a good idea.

Attention Everyone: There Is A Reason Sex Toys Are NOT DIY

Attention everyone: DIY sex toys are NOT a good idea. Here’s why. Read...
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“I wonder if this is normal? Everyone seems just to be talking amongst themselves."

From Monogamy To Open Marriage: Our First Time At A Swinger Club (Part 1)

Whenever someone asks me what they should do to “dip their toes” in the possibility of exploring non-monogamy, I suggest that they go to a swinger Read...
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I know you think you’re safe in your car because it’s your property, but you’re not.

20 Places To NOT Have Public Sex

Having sex in public is exhilarating. But while the risk of being caught is compelling to many of us, getting busted will earn you a fat misdemeanor Read...
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After a recent relationship ended, I had to think long and hard about what went wrong, and why.

Six Ways I've Made It Hard For My Partner To Love Me

I decided to stop blaming everything and everyone except myself, and identify the habits in myself which had caused nothing but trouble in my Read...
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While my post-OkCupid elation was temporary, I still value it.

Dating While (Semi) Damaged: OkCupid And Self-Esteem

Online dating is a form of personal marketing, which is why so many find it inorganic and unromantic. But self-promotion forces you to ponder certain Read...
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Honestly, the idea of being naked anywhere but a steaming hot shower seems unfathomable when degrees are in the negative.

Sex Positions For When It's Goddamn Freezing Out

There's no better time than the dead of winter to leverage the power of body heat and use what your mama gave you to keep that fire burning — sans Read...
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