The Glory of the Taco: Epic Letter from 5th-Grader to Future Self

In perhaps the most glorious-ly taco-centric note all of all time, a young woman discovers a very sincere letter she wrote to herself in 5th grade Read...
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Death of Venezuelan Beauty Queen Fuels Anti-Government Movement

With all the attention on Ukraine—riots, overthrowing their president, Russian troops controlling the Crimea peninsula—it’s easy to miss the action Read...
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Escape Your Now with 5 Stunning Minutes in Yosemite

No, you don't want to be at your desk right now. Filmmakers Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill clearly get this. Here, they help you escape your Read...
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Ellen DeGeneres Takes a Selfie. Time Stops. Twitter Explodes. History Remembers.

First of all, how much does Ellen DeGeneres ROCK?! She's a badass funny chick who looks fabulous all the time, AND she makes it look so easy! Within Read...
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This Video Will Make You Think Twice About Seaside Dining

Mmmm, don't you just LOVE the ocean? The sounds, the smell -- wonderful all around. But do you love the ocean enough to invite it to brunch?If you Read...
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Watch a Four-foot High School Senior Get an AMAZING Birthday Present

As you may remember, high school is basically the worst time ever to be different. And here at Ravishly, we'd like to take a moment Read...
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Watch: O’Reilly Rears His Ugly "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" Crap Again

Bill O’Reilly has had plenty of memorable moments in his T.V. career, sometimes (re: almost always) stemming from his perplexing stances. Read...
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