New Electronic Tongue to Ruin Lives, Happiness, Humanity

If you’ve ever aspired to be a beer or food taster, you’re time may be running out my friends. 

Callous to predictions about soulless robots bent on destroying humanity, researchers in Barcelona have developed an electronic tongue that can distinguish between beer types with 82% accuracy. The electric tongue uses sensors to identify chemical components in a solution, and then cross-checks the results with information it already knows about other beers.

(Oh shit, it can learn too?!) 

Though the e-tongue is currently just a prototype, its creators indicate the cleverly soused machine could replace human taste testers in the future to check for quality control in drinks and food. It could potentially even be tweaked to test pharmaceutical drugs and forensic crime substances like gunshot residue.

Here comes the human subjugation à la Plant of the Apes with a side dish of Hal

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