Read/Watch/Listen To This: Dogs, Obviously

The premise is pretty simple: We each give you one thing to watch, one thing to listen to, and one thing to read over the weekend.

We have returned from our long (jk, two-week) hiatus to deliver you the Internet for which you live and breathe!

Namely: stuff about dogs.

Those glorious land-seals with ears that smell like Fritos are the best thing that humans ever did. Shoutout to us, 10,000 years ago. That whole wolf-into-fluffer thing was such a great idea.

We will forever strive to honor their pure, pizza-mooching souls to the best of our abilities. Amen.





This barely counts as a read, but it is such a perfect merging of Ravishly's editorial views (that all bodies are unique and important, and so are all dogs) that I had to share.

This advocacy group suggested using dogs as a way to explain body positivity to children, and it's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?



I am but two paragraphs in as of writing this, but there is nothing I'd recommend more than this profile of Lin-Manuel Miranda written by one of my favorite longform journalists, Rachel Syme.

Lin-Manuel is a goddamn national treasure and that Instagram blurred picture of him is everything I've ever wanted. (Update: 11/10 would recommend)





Helloooo, beautiful video. This work from French songwriter Guillame Leglise is hypnotizing and... comforting, in a way. The Hedwig-style visuals and swirling, dense composition keep me coming back for more. On view three so far... today.



There's a new documentary on Netflix all about the dogs rescued from Michael Vicks' fighting ring.

I cried through the whole thing, both Sad Tears (why would you cut off a pupper's ears?!) and Happy Tears (when Johnny becomes a therapy dog for pediatric cancer patients AND the ASPCA Dog of the Year! Eep!).

Hug a pitbull today! Or any dog, really.

Johnny being adorable. Image: ASPCA.





I've been immersing myself in A Giant Dog's Pile this week. So. Much. Fun.

Come to the Bay, A Giant Dog! I want to see you live!



Coloring Book.


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