Mother's Day Fatshion

Instagram/ chubbydustbunny

Instagram/ chubbydustbunny

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! This Fatshion Friday, we salute the incredible moms out there. From in utero to adopted to blended families and even adult children loving their parents, we support mothers from all walks of life. 

It’s incredibly easy to fall into fashion slumps. No matter how body-positive you can be toward other bodies, seeing your own body change in drastic ways can be hard to process (even if intellectually you find it to be beautiful). From the hormones to suddenly being thrust into a place where you are wholly responsible for the safety and happiness of a brand new human, it’s hard to navigate your own needs and wants. 

A major component of being a strong new mother is finding one's voice and identity, separate from motherhood. A $300 hairstyle goes out the window in exchange for a ponytail or bun. A tube of Chanel lipstick becomes a stick of Burt’s Bees. That leather pencil skirt becomes a pair of yoga pants. And those heels? Byyyyyyeeeee. It’s hard to find a place that includes comfort and flexibility while still being chic

Need a bit of inspiration? Check out these amazingly stylish moms and their little ones. 

1. Melinda Alexander, Mumu Mansion

Impeccably dressed Melinda Alexander of Mumu Mansion is seriously mom style goals. Check out her gorgeous Instagram. 

Instagram/ mumumansion

2. Amelia Hart, Hair Stylist

The ever colorful and stylish Amelia Hart seems to always have the coolest colored hair. 

Instagram/ missameliahart

3. Nicole Bette

Nicole shows off her gorgeous bohemian style and baby bump while celebrating the super boom in the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. 

Instagram/ nicole_bette

4. Kierra Tanner, Life Plus Style.

Life Plus Style blogger Kiki Tanner poses with her beautiful family. 

Instagram/ chi_town_kiki

5. Exposed Moxie, Photographer

This beautiful breastfeeding image features killer style and a tender interaction between mother and child. 

Instagram/ exposdmoxie

6. Courtney Mina, Plus-Size Model

Canadian writer and plus-size model Courtney Mina poses with her beautiful baby bump.

Instagram/ khaleesidelrey

7. Briana Hernandez, Mama Fierce

Writer and fashionista Briana shares a moment with her adorable little boy. 

Instagram/ mamafierceblog

8. Alysse Dalessandro, Ready To Stare

Alysse Dalessandro and her mother are proof that mother-daughter fashion moments are a lifetime of fun. 

Instagram/ readytostare

9. Rochelle Johnson, I Am Beauti Curve

Does it get any cuter than this? Props to Rochelle for being able to keep a white and blush outfit clean with a baby! 

Instagram/ iambeauticurve

10. Yanika Nicholas, Confidence Is You

Canadian author and blogger Yanika Nicholas shows off her beautiful baby bump in a show-stopping sapphire dress. 

Instagram/ confidence_is_you

11. Michelle, Glammom

Michelle has not one but three kids! Keeping it super comfy and casual with this denim and tank top look. 

Instagram/ theglammom

12. Jacqueline Whitmore, Owner Of Copperhive Vintage

As the owner of a vintage business, Jackie’s always got the best clothes! The same goes for her adorable little girl, too. 

Instagram/ chubbydustbunny

13. Nik Of Nikstar 

Nik shows off her super chic maxi — perfect for pregnancy or any other phase in life.

Instagram/ nikstarsoamazin

14. Jane Janeczko, Sweet Jane

Jane shows off her baby bump in a beautiful botanical garden. 

Instagram/ jane_czko

15. Lisa Ziegenfuss von Kannenberg

Floridian mom Lisa wears a comfy jersey dress by Whiskeydog Printshop as she snuggles her little boy, Werner.
Instagram/ laureldikmanwrites


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