The Forest Fashionista: Off The Grid Fashion Tips

pickaxe fashion

pickaxe fashion

Honestly, it’s T-shirt and jeans almost every day. Which makes me think that either I have it all together, and I just have a balance between “comfortable” and “eclectic”…or I am living off the fashion grid, entirely.  

I am a big believer in dressing for how you feel.

Feeling funky? Sweat pants and a comfy shirt are probably in your best interest.

Feeling sassy? Definitely a skirt and scarf.

Feeling like swimming? Probably whatever bathing suit you found at Target that you picked up on the way out — when you stopped in for shampoo and cat food.

Feeling like it’s Tuesday ... and you are trying to catch up with projects and still have no idea what to do for dinner?

T-shirt and jeans.

Honestly, it’s T-shirt and jeans almost every day. Which makes me think that either I have it all together, and I just have a balance between “comfortable” and “eclectic”… or I am living off the fashion grid, entirely.  I think a lot of people actually dress according to what is in season? Apparently you can dress for Autumn, and there are some color requirements for that.

That is just too restricting for those of us in the forest.

We have “Forest Glamorous”,  which means we are wearing nice jeans, a decent leather jacket, and a fancy scarf.

Yet, there is life beyond just T-shirt and jeans. There is more to an ensemble than denim and scarves.

Let me take you down the dusty roads into: Off The Grid Fashion Tips.


As we can see in this forest ensemble, the model is sporting a lovely Firefly shirt she bought on the Internet.

I am trying to wear Ben’s shirts less, and my shirts more. I have shirts ... somewhere. 

Ben's shirts are really comfortable though, and don’t show my poochy belly or untoned arms as much. So they may win out. 


As we can see here, the forest dweller has emerged to enjoy the native coastline in a full denim ensemble: The Overalls. They say "I'm practical and not a slave to fashion." They also say, "I do not care about fashion."        

Also bought on the Internet.  


I wear my size 12 jeans when I want to believe I am a size 12.

I wear my size 14 jeans when I am being realistic. 


Capes are the most under appreciated article of clothing. Mom? Superhero! 

Not only do they keep your arms and torso warm, but your legs as well! No more warm jackets protecting your upper body while letting your poor legs be pelted to death by chill.

Chill is only a frame of mind.


If the caped hood is not your style, you can simply go with the old standby: The Hat.

A classic, wide-brimmed hat. Sun protection! Also, don't have to do hair!

or the simple, yet lovely, birdcage veil. Bringing this back. Trying. Really trying.


Another underutilized cranial accessory is the wig!

A lovely shade of purple may suit your ensemble…

Why spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars to try to get your hair another shade? Wear a wig! Everyone will know you are wearing a wig, because wigs never really look like real hair, but that's OK, because you saved $200! People can get lost.

It is easy as pie: braid your hair in the back or wrap it around your head and adorn your crown with the fabulous, if unbelievable, wig. 

Or a full spectrum of colors, for the colorly indecisive. Rainbow! (Also suitable for Pride parades.)

Further Accessories:

You may wish to accent your ensemble with rainbow socks. If you don't have any, borrow your mom's! Pair them with your wig! Get thee to the Pride Parade.

Or a pickax.

There you have it, my friends.

A full spectrum of Off The Grid fashion ideas to completely throw your fashion friends’ heads spinning.

But damn will you look good when you do.

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