Ravishly's Top 5 Reads Of The Week

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Credit: Thinkstock



Busy week? Need to catch up on your reading? Check out our five top picks from the week—ladystache, water birthing, and BDSM play party included.

Learning To Live With My Ladystache

Jody Amable, our intrepid contributor, talks about life with a sexy 'stache. Yes, that's right: sexy.

Choice quote: "The bleaching didn't even work. I mean, it did bleach the hairs, but once you're known as 'Mustache Girl,' this is your moniker forever."

On Fear And Bliss: Homebirth And The Human Experience

Resident mama blogger Joni Edelman shares her story of homebirth in response to a writer whose own experience was much different from hers . . .

Choice quote: "The biggest difference between our experiences is how we see them. When you write something for the world to read you get to write it from your perspective. Your pain or your joy. And as it goes I'm doing just that."

Even In Tragic Death, Charlie Hebdo Victims Benefit From Privilege 

A thought piece on the Charlie Hebdo attacks by Atlantic contributor and Ravishly writer Noah Berlatsky that dares to ask a difficult, but important, question about privilege and tragedy.

Choice quote: "Privilege, after all, is not a mantle of invulnerability. It's a structure that, in general, empowers some and disempowers other. It is not all-encompassing—if it were, white men would never die."

The Trials And Tribulations Of A Token Ugly Girl

Staff writer Jetta Rae DoubleCakes gets real about not adhering to society's definition of beautiful. We think she's nothing short of stunning.

Choice quote: "Sometimes my life feels like an art house adaptation of Cinderella with Werner Herzog cast as the fairy godmother."

Turns Out Weddings Have Nothing To Do With Marriage—And Other Matrimonial Thoughts 

Editor Katie Tandy gets into the messiness of marriage, weddings, monogamy, and the very essence of that thing called love.

Choice quote:  "I've been so worried about alternatively avoiding and designing my own union, that I had completely eclipsed, bastardized, and lost sight of the whole damn point. Which is finding someone to lie belly-down with in life's trenches."



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